5 Apps that will help grow your trade business

Being a tradesman is a job in the same way it’s a way of life. From constantly attending to your clients and making sure that they are satisfied to keeping the balance in the office, it can get draining. Our technical overloads have created apps that are designed to make your job (and life) easier. Thankfully, you won’t have to scroll through millions and millions of apps on Play-store. We’ve already singled out 5 apps to save you time.

1. Hipages – Tradies Job Board

If you aren’t already familiar with Hipages, you should be excited. With everyone going online, you need to catch up with where your existing customers and potential ones are hanging out. Hipages connects you to people searching for your exact skill. If you’re already familiar with the Hipages website then you’ll love the app even more. They have it in Android and iOS versions.

You can begin by listing your business on their website to try things out. For all the jobs you do, you get reviews from customers which really helps to put your name out there and closer to becoming a household name.

2. Slack

When Slack first showed up none of us thought of it as an ideal business space for tradies. A lot of updates later you can integrate it with a plethora of other apps (about 10 actually) that make a day in the life of a tradie much simpler.  

Slack can now be used as a productivity app in any niche no matter their location. As you can already guess, this means you can stay in touch with your team members and be in the loop on their activities as well as assign tasks. Its look is also pretty slick and makes the workspace look more relaxed and creative. You’ll also get user support from the Slack team even if you’re using the free version. It’s largely available on iOS and Android but you can still use it from the desktop version without needing to download it.

3. Houzz

Potential customers can be found on Houzz. That caught your attention, right? And it’s true. It is a platform used to share ideas on home renovation, interior design and architecture. This means that you’ll meet people searching for reputable plumbers, builders, painters and other types of tradies.

All you need to do is to create and profile on the website and ensure that you complete it for ultimate visibility. You’ll find it for iOS devices as well as Android devices.

4. Xero Mobile Accounting

Automation, Instant estimates, and beautifully personalized quotations. The Xero app has long taken awards for being one of the best productivity apps in Australia. It has allowed tradies to take a break from running to and from the bank since it can show you your bank statements without leaving the worksite.

The Android version works smoothly and allows for an enjoyable online accounting experience. iOS is also available in the Apple store.

5. Gusto

Gusto’s tagline “tame the chaos of payroll, benefits, and HR, states how they help tradies to straighten their lives app by app. If you’re still trying to start a tradies business, then you’ll need this app to stay on top of things. Gusto hands you practical solutions then also aims to provide you with intuitive apps that help you set up your business once and for all.

Some of the helpful features you’ll find are the Gusto wallet to help you spend better, time tools to track your actual productive time and even tax calculators. You can start using Gusto from your desktop for now because the iOS and Android versions are not available yet.

And now back to you…

So, there you have it. 5 apps dedicated to making your job as a tradie much easier, leaving you with time to hang out with your family. On the note of making your life easier, we recommend checking our tax services to ensure you grow your business securely and legally. An accountant experienced in your field of work will be assigned to improve how you prepare for tax season as well how to get money back into your pocket when paying taxes.

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