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The “Right tools for the job” series exists to help you get valuable hints, tips and guides that are specific to your trade industry. Every session has an industry expert teaching you how to build your trade business.


Our interview series aims to include:

  • Wholesome insights into your industry to keep you ahead
  • Special promotions and resources to take advantage of
  • Industry secrets that are being used by experts to solve industry problems and make profits


Episode #06

Keep Your Cash Flowing Workshop with MPAQ and Tradies Accountant.

In this 23 minute workshop by our Tradies Accountant's very own Bryn Harwood, in partnership with the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland. They provide you with a breakdown of how to keep your cash flowing. This is a deep dive into everything that is got to do with cash flow, how you can improve your cash flow, in what ways you can improve your cash flow, through some cash flow strategies and many more.

Episode #05

The Business Journey of Robert Rowe from The Unita Group

Bryn Harwood from Tradies Accountant sits down with Robert Rowe from the Unita Group to talk about his business journey.

Episode #04

Legal Matters for Tradies with Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers (RCR) and Tradies Accountant

Bryn from Tradies Accountants sits down with Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers (RCR) to talk about the legal side of being a Tradie business owner and being in the trade industry. They dive deep into the legal matters that really matter to tradies.

Episode #03

Best Business Practices In the Painting Industry and Lessons Learnt

We talk with Clayton Coughlan from Likeminded Painters Australia about what's currently happening within the painting industry, its challenges, what's going well and what's to come. As a past Painter himself Clayton also shares some of his knowledge and business tips from his own experiences both good and bad.

Plus learn more about Likeminded Painters Australia and what they do for the painting industry and helping the small guys win.

Episode #01

Digital Marketing for Tradies

Bryn from Tradies Accountant and Matt from Aiims come together in this 27min deep dive to discuss all the questions you'd love to ask about digital marketing for Tradies.

Episode #02

Funding, Finance and Loans in the Trade Industry

In episode 2, Bryn from Tradies Accountant and Reece from Moneytech sit down for 14 minute discussion about funding, finance and loans in the Trade Industry.

If you want to learn more about the SME Line of credit head on over to Tradies Capital

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