Useful Links: Services and Assistance during COVID-19

The following is a summary of useful links to relevant resource and assistance available to small business entities operating in trade and construction during COVID-19:

JobKeeper Payment Package
Summary of JobKeeper Payments – Employers
Summary of JobKeeper Payments – Employees
Registration for JobKeeper for Employers
Cashflow Assistance for Employers (automatically applied to eligible businesses through BASs)
Summary of Cashflow Boost
Wage Subsidy for Apprentices and Trainees
Summary (PDF file)
Registration – Link to Aus Apprenticeships site
Payroll Tax Relief
Summary and Application Links
Land Tax Relief
Summary and Application Links
Depreciation and Instant Asset Write-Off
Increased Asset Write-Off
Accelerated Depreciation
Loan Assistance
Jobs Support Loan – QRIDA
Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme
Early Access to Superannuation
Relief for Commercial Tenants
National Cabinet Mandatory Code of Conduct (PDF)
Support for Tax Obligations
Manufacturer’s Supply Matching Request Form
If you are finding it difficult to obtain vital materials and supplies to keep your business open, complete this form.
Regulatory Relief for Companies (automatically applies for 6 months)
Electricity Rebate for Businesses (automatically applied)
 Government Grants
 Victoria – $10,000 grant for small businesses
 NSW – $10,000 grant for small businesses

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