MYOB’s Exciting New Construction Project

It’s finally here!  MYOB have recently announced their hot new product which is exclusively designed for the construction industry.  MYOB Advanced Construction Edition is designed to effectively manage your projects, contracts and budgets.

What is MYOB?

MYOB is a popular business accounting software that helps small businesses automate their bookkeeping, admin and accounting duties and assists with clarity over your financial data to help with business growth.  Used by over one million businesses, it’s one of the more popular business accounting software programs that offer a wide range of mobile apps and partner resources to give additional support to clients across a range of industries.

What is MYOB Advanced Construction Edition?

MYOB established that the construction-based clientele needed specialised features to get a better overview of their business. MYOB Advanced Construction was designed to help your business manage costs, projects, schedules, budgets and subcontractors. The software also manages your documents: review plans, contracts, specifications, emails, spreadsheets and inspection reports.

What to Expect

The benefit of MYOB Advanced Construction Edition software is real-time visibility across all elements of a project. The true power of this feature for business owners is that a project can remain on-time and under budget because you have better visibility over the entire project in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Fast and accurate insights – Real-time visibility allows potential problems to be identified early and resolved quickly.
  • On-site intelligence – Project managers can capture day-to-day progress using photo logs, therefore providing added insight into the projects progress.
  • Accurate budgeting and forecasts – Users will have the ability to create budgets for jobs, track variations and compare the actual spend to the budgeted figures.
  • Manage project complications and changes– Processes are streamlined as your team has access to one cloud-based platform.  Project transparency means everyone has access to the same project information enhancing your team’s collaboration.

Our Thoughts

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition could help businesses in the construction industry to streamline their processes and workflow. The software provides a user-friendly dashboard with alerts to guarantee that project managers are a step ahead of any compliance-related activities.  For more information on MYOB Advanced Construction Edition, please visit MYOB’s website.

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