Management Software for Trade Businesses

Management Software – Trade Businesses


Are you searching for the best management software for your trade-related business? There are so many options when it comes to management software or add-on products for your trade business. The choices are endless! A few key points below may help with the search:

Investment: make a solid investment into the product you choose. Big mistake is to base your decision solely on price of the product. When you make the decision, price is an important variable that needs to be considered; however, it should be the variable you decide on last. Always remember, at the end of the day you get what you pay for and you do not want cheap and nasty software to run your whole business.

What you require from the product: this is one of the most important considerations in your decision-making process. Ask yourself what exactly do your require from the add-on product. The product should simplify processes and promote efficiency within the business ultimately creating wealth for your business. Why else would you make the investment? Keep in mind how much extra revenue can the business generate from the implementation of the new software.

How the product integrates with your current software: the worst thing you can do, is get a brand new product and then find out that your accounting software doesn’t support it. This means you end up with data redundancy or double-handling work that you should not have to do since you have bought the product to save time.

Tailored product: make sure the product you choose is tailored to you. This requires investing in implementation stage to tweak the product so that it is suited to your business. In some cases it might be better getting multiple add-on products that specialise in one area instead of having an all-in-one enterprise software that’s not flexible with your operations.

When you choosing a management software, you should do so with the help of your accountant. The accountant will help you weigh up the costs and benefits and can assist in the setting up the accounts. At Tradies Accountant we regularly sit down with clients and discuss add-on products currently in use and provide advice around add-on software that could be beneficial for the particular business.

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Ellen Mubwandarikwa