Keeping the spark alive

Rediscovering the love & passion for your small business

(Who would have thought Tradies Accountant would be giving out relationship advice?)

Your relationship with your small business can look a lot like your relationship with loved ones. There are times of happiness, relief, gratitude, frustration, anger and even defeat. Particularly in the growth stage, it can be easy to feel rundown and uncertain, leaving you with the burning question ‘is this worth it?’

Whether you’re headed towards a lull, have been in a lull for a while or simply want to avoid the feeling at all costs, here are our top tips for keeping the spark alive between you and your growing business.

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#1 – Know where you want to go

We talk about goals a lot because we know how important they are. Whether it’s a list, a vision board or even just saying your goals out loud, knowing where you want to be, and mapping out how you can get there, can bring you a new wave of motivation and passion.


#2 – Work with people who make you want to turn up

A great part about being the boss is the ability to build out a team, and team culture, that you want to work in. Being around people who love their job will help you remember why you love it too and will bring new energy and enthusiasm to every project.

If you’re keen to help the next generation of tradespeople, consider how an apprentice or trainee could add value to the team, not to mention the pride you feel in helping a young person start their career.


#3 – Keep things tidy

We discussed in earlier blogs about the value of staying organised and keeping your tools up-to-date. A tidy workplace invites you to sit down and get stuff done, versus a messy and cluttered worksite or ute-tray.


#4 – Take a break

You love your partner, but you couldn’t spend 24/7 with them (after all, distance makes the heart grow fonder).

It’s the same with your business. Everyone needs time away from work, and the boss is no exception. Take a holiday, turn off your phone for a day or even just allow yourself a lunch break this week. It’s the little things that can leave you feeling rested and ready to tackle the next big project.

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