Are you online?

Why your offline trades business needs an online presence in 2020

If you’re a business owner in 2020, it’s time to ask yourself the question ‘can my customers find me online?’. And if the answer is no, your next question needs to be ‘why not?’.

Regardless of whether you’re a butcher, a baker or cabinet maker, you simply must have an online presence, if for no other reason than your customers expect it of you. You don’t need to have an online or e-commerce business to benefit from having a basic but professional website and Facebook account.

Google is our first point of call for information. Why is that tap leaking? How do I do my own plumbing repairs? Where is my nearest emergency plumber? And where can I get a mop? 

If Google can’t find you, no one can. And even once Google knows who you are, you need to ensure that the image you’re portraying online tells people you’re a professional, trustworthy and reliable. Most people won’t trust a business that doesn’t have a functional and professionally presented website.

Remember, consumers are spoilt for choice so if you don’t have an online presence your customer can trust, the next listing in their Google search will, and just like that you’ll have lost business to your biggest competitor.

Your well-presented website and social media account will communicate credibility, as well as provide a ton of cost-effective opportunities for you to improve awareness of your incredible services.

When you finish a big project that you’re particularly proud of you, you can share images of the final product via your online channels; pictures speak louder than words. Imagine giving a customer a great experience but giving them nowhere to leave a great review! Never underestimate the power of positive word-of-mouth.

Unlike you, your online presence doesn’t sleep. Your customers will always be able to find you and learn about the services you offer and why you’re the best, even while you’re dozing off after a hard day on the tools.

Instead of spending the day on the phone answering basic enquiries, your website could provide that information to potential clients. Do you offer carpentry services? Yes, we do. You’ve just saved yourself a five-minute phone conversation.

Compared to traditional marketing media (think newspaper ads, billboards, etc…), digital advertising provides both far greater return-on-investment and flexibility. Expanded your services to include painting? Updating billboards and flyers could take weeks, even months. Updating your website? Minutes.

The world of online can be scary, we know, but if you want to encourage new customers and increase profit, being online in 2020 is a non-negotiable.

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