Are you eligible for government grants?

The government is currently offering grants to help small businesses owners grow their business. These grants can be used to help fund the development and growth of your business. The funding just requires an application to the relevant body once you are satisfied you meet the criteria. There are different grants available for specific purposes. The most relevant ones for Trade businesses owners are highlighted below.


Small Business Digital Grants

This grant has been set up to help fund digital technologies and services for small business owners. The grant can match funding of up to $10,000.00 (excluding GST). This funding will be used to help small businesses with the purchasing of hardware, software and services that involve digital technology. The business needs to show how the funding will assist the business in growth and to become more competitive or employ more people. A link to the site has been included so you can check if your business is eligible.


Small Business Entrepreneur Grant

This grant provides small business owners access to professional advice and support in the critical early stages of the business. When starting, you should have at a minimum created a business plan and completed basic projections and break-even analysis. The grant will match funding of up to $5,000.00 (excluding GST) to help business owners engage a consultant, adviser or business coach for up to 3 months to help establish or develop the business. A link below has been included so you can view if your business is eligible.


Being a business owner can be difficult when trying to stay on top of all the incentives on offer. At Tradies Accountant, we are able to give you some direction on the grants and assist in the application process. If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ellen Mubwandarikwa