A Crucial Addition for your Business Success

Accounting software is a crucial function in the success of your business. Understanding how your finances stand will allow you to make intelligent, informed business decisions. For example, detailed reports on your business’ profit and loss will help you steer your business towards further growth and profitability. A lot of business owners do not keep ‘in tune’ with their business financially. Not regularly looking at profit and loss statements or cash flow projections is a really fast way to go broke!! In addition, many owners use complicated, outdated, accounting software that does not make sense to them or is back at the office, too far away and removed from their day-to-day business. At Tradies Accountant we use the latest in cloud-based accounting software, Xero, to ensure you quick and easy access to your financials when and where you need it.

Xero allows you to access to your accounting data from any device and in any location that has Internet. This means you can quote a job on site with your IPAD or Mobile phone, send it to the client right away and, if they agree to the quote, you can automatically transfer it to an invoice right then and there. Does your accounting software currently do this for your business?

Because Xero is a cloud-based system, your accountant can view your data at the same time. This can really help you if you’re buying a new car or asset and the financial broker, or bank, requires financial statements. Your accountant can quickly review your financials and send them straight through to the bank or broker with your approval. There are so many advantages to using a package like Xero, to discuss how this system can ease your daily stress and boost your business success give us a call.

In the event you are currently using another accounting package but realise that you need to make a change in your business you should consider XERO as an alternative. At our firm, we will sit down with you and work out exactly what your business requires from the accounting system, and explain the advantages of using XERO and other add on cloud related products. With all our accounting packages we provide on-going support, XERO training, all compliance and business advisory. We can also take care of the implementation and change over for you. No hassle, no fuss. So all you need to do is concentrate on is your business!

Contact us today and we can arrange an appointment with you at our Ipswich or Brisbane office. We can even come out to your premise to review your systems.

Ellen Mubwandarikwa