5 Things For Tradesmen to remember on Valentines Day plus Accounting Stuff.

For the Tradesmen don’t forget! February 14 is just around the corner and for all of you who have a significant other, here is a gentle reminder that this date is Valentine’s Day and that means that you better get in quick as the red roses are selling fast and so too are the chocolates. PS. It’s on Saturday!

You are probably wondering why on earth an accountant is reminding you about Valentine’s Day and what this has to do with Accounting. Simple, Valentine’s Day is about relationships and so too is business, and we want to have a relationship with you. So what are the advantages of having a relationship with your accountant?
Here are 5 things Valentines Day has taught me about relationships and being an accountant:

  • A key element to any good relationship is communication. This means unlike the date that has gone bad and given you a fake number we are always available to be contacted whether it’s a phone call, via email, or using the discuss features in Xero we are there to provide real time advice that goes beyond your business area.
  • It is important to have trust and confidence and we are always there to support you. An accountant has expert knowledge to help you know the numbers in your business to allow you to make good decisions that will sustain or grow your business. In the end of the day we are all in business for the same reason, to support our families and keep a roof over our head.
  • Sometimes it’s “hard to see the forest for the trees” and you need someone external to come in who can see the bigger picture. We are independent from your company and are able to step back and look at your business without the emotion, which enables us to provide you with a different point of view and tailored advice.
  • When two people enter a relationship, each person has their own friends and family, your network automatically doubles. As accountants who specialise in Trades we have access to many other small business and likeminded business people which means your professional network has just doubled too.
  • The old saying is “opposites attract”, do you know why? This is because you see in the other person areas or skills that you lack. As a couple you have the ability to compliment each other and together form a strong team. At Tradesmen Accountants’ we excel in the areas you may not as tax returns, BAS, Bookkeeping and keeping your finances in order. For instance a tradie is great on the tools but may lack confidence in business development and management. In contrast we might not be great with a hammer, but by building a relationship we can complement you and your business.

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Tradesmen Accountants team are here to build a long-term relationship with our clients

Ellen Mubwandarikwa