Weather Warnings: Callout to Electricians

With the aftermath of cyclone Debbie continuing through this afternoon and tomorrow, individuals are being urged to put safety first and remember to leave any damaged electricals untouched. This includes powerlines, solar panels and their cables, lights and anything else which may hold hidden electricity; no matter how broken and disconnected it may seem. Over the next few days, electricians will be hard at work across Queensland, ensuring the safety of its residents and building businesses back up to a functioning level. To our electricians, stay safe and thank you for your work in this time. To our other trade workers who will be busy helping with the clean up and rebuild, thank you also. Your hard work is valued.


As you are here for us in this weather, we want to be here for you.

Tradies Accountant offers tailored packages suitable for businesses in any trade sector. With the influx of jobs over the next few weeks, it will get hard keeping track of your cashflow and accounts receivable while you are focusing on getting the job done. Tradies Accountant is more than happy to do that thinking for you so that you can focus on helping Queensland put itself back together again. Our bookkeeping packages offer a fixed monthly price, simplifying your budget and expenses that little bit more.


Ellen Mubwandarikwa