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We get so many clients who struggle to keep track of all of their important financial documents; some are on their work computer, others on the home computer, some on a hard drive somewhere. So when it comes to preparing documentation for financial appointments, there is always a panicked rush to get everything together in one place. We find ourselves telling clients over and over about the many virtues of cloud storage.

Most Tradies Accountant clients are avid users of cloud accounting systems but when it comes to storage, this excitement often doesn’t translate over. So what are the benefits of using cloud storage?

Accessibility: Keeping all of your documents in the cloud means that you can access them on any device, wherever you have an internet connection.

Productivity: Knowing where everything is at all times means that you don’t have to waste valuable time trying to hunt down documents and gather them together.

Efficiency: Storing these documents on the cloud means that you free up local space on your computer.


Additional benefits

  • Most of these storage services allow for collaboration which means multiple people can look at, and edit, the same documents at the same time, with updates refreshing in real time.
  • Files that are uploaded to the cloud are protected from regular computer failures so if your laptop crashes on you, you won’t have lost all of those hours of work.
  • For people worried about security, your data is encrypted before it is sent to the cloud server, and remains encrypted while it is being stored in those servers. So your documents will be well protected from any tech-savvy person with a wandering eye.

Here is a comparison table of some of the most popular services which we see our clients use. Please note, Tradies Accountant is not an affiliate of any of these companies and we are not recommending any one service over another.

OneDrive Dropbox Google Drive
File size restrictions? 10GB 10GB on website, no limit on the app 5TB
Free storage? 5GB 2GB 15GB
Paid plans $3/month for 50GB $14/month for 1TB $2.50/month for 100GB
$12.50/month for 1TB
Supported on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle Fire Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

*Prices displayed are for Australia, as of February 2017

If you would like to hear more about integrating cloud storage with our other cloud services, feel free to contact us and book an appointment with one of our friendly consultants.

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