Job Costing And Reporting For Tradies – How To Improve Profitability

Bryn Harwood (Tradies Accountant) and Tiffany English (Modus Operandi) are taking the initiative to make sure that you learn all the important details of platforms such as Buildertrend & SimPRO to save you the time and improve profitability of your Trade business. This webinar will help you to manage your job costing, balance your finances better, and improve your cash flow.

Contents of podcast:

 Intro – 00:00 . Why you need a job costing software – 08:17 . Recording key metrics – 12:13 . Managing jobs – 20:02 . Types of reports you should be reading – 27:50 . Reporting frequency – 34:11 . Sync from system to accounting software – 37:29. Benefits of Job Costing – 41:55. Technologies available –44:50. Services available – 50:10. Contacts – 52:19. Questions and Answers – 53:02 .

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